Introduction To Spreadsheets


Course Title:
Introduction To Spreadsheets

Course Code:

Short Course

Subject Area:
ICT (Information Communications Technology)

Start Date:
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ICT Suite Greenbank

Adult Learning

Course Level:

Who is this course for?
Anyone who has basic computer skills, or have completed a Computing For Beginners course and want to develop their skills and confidence and gain a fundamental understanding of Excel spreadsheets.

What do you need to apply for the course?
No formal qualifications are required for this course, you may be asked to attend one of our advice and guidance sessions to make sure that this course is suitable for you.
What are the key things you'll learn?
You will learn the fundamentals of how to use Excel covering the following topics:  

  • Spreadsheet Principles,
  • Screen & Worksheet,
  • Using the Ribbon bar,
  • Moving Around,
  • Saving & Opening Excel Files,
  • Formatting,
  • Forumlas,
  • Understanding Charts,
  • Chart Types,
  • Identify Parts of a Chart,
  • Creating Charts,
  • Copying,
  • Cell Referencing,
  • Printing Worksheets & Charts

Weekly. Workshop, hands on sessions, 3 hours per week.

(Note: This course can be tailored to meet audience needs.
If required the course may be delivered in longer sessions dependent on learner requirements.)
Assessment Criteria
Achievement will be measured via continuous assessment using a variety of different methods to capture evidence that demonstrates learner competence.
Progression Opportunities
You may be able to progress onto Intermediate (level 2) Spreadsheet course.